Things that Suck

As pointed out by Content Unrelated, there are a shit-ton of things in this world that totally suck.  This is where they all get together and have a hot, nasty suckfest.

The last time things rode the suckwagon was 6-9-10.

Getting that one goddamn song stuck in your head.
Trying to do something badass but looking like a jackass.
That douche who blocks your view when you want to turn right.

When someone blocks the right turn lane.
When the radio overplays your favorite song.

When people block the left turn lane.
A dead iPod before a long drive.
Facebook's inability to stick with one goddamn format.

I asked for your help, here.  Ideas for these posts -- things like that.  Only thing that sucked about this post was the lack of material.

#16 - Hawaiian Time Zone Edition
When the Oreo falls victim to the milky abyss.
Trying to buy a car.
The first gray hair.

#15 - Toilet Humor Edition
Sitting on a warm toilet seat.
Sitting on a cold toilet seat.
Sitting on a toilet when the seat is up.

#14 - Fall Finale Edition
Getting a phone call or a text message when you're already in the middle of writing one.
Waving to people you don't know.
Season-ending cliffhangers.

When restaurants don't cut the bread all the way through.
Pouring cereal and not having milk.
Waking up with a dead arm.

The way a commercial is like, 50 times louder than the show you're watching.
The new Verizon commercial.

#11.5 - The Internet can go fuck itself.
Corrections that needed to be made to Things that Suck #11.

#11 - "If you like pina coladas" edition.
Pina Coladas.
Getting caught in the rain.
Having half a brain.
Making love at midnight in the sand.
This fucking song.

#10 - Top 10 Edition.
A recap of the 10 best of the previous nine Things that Suck posts.  Don't let tha tstop you from checking out said posts, though.

Peanut butter getting on the knife handle.
Getting busted with/watching porn.
Losing that one fucking Post-It.

#8 | #7 - Neglected Readers Edition (Double Issue!)
Getting out of the shower when it's insufferably cold in your house.
Not realizing you have papercuts until after you've used the hand-sanitizer.
Finding cockroaches.
Waking up from a nap and not knowing what day it is.
Some douche whom you've never met mooching your beer at a BYOB.
Expecting consistent updates from a source, and the source totally not delivering.

#6 - Service Industry Edition
The original Ten Commandments for Eating in a Restaurant.  You can find the revised and updated version here.

#5 - The anal edition.
Waking up 30 minutes before your alarm goes off.
Your fingers + thin toilet paper.
Those timed push-to-operate water faucets.

#4 - The oral edition.
Taking a bite of food and accidentally grinding your canines together.
Burning your tongue.
Choking on your own saliva.

Forgetting to take your clothes out of the washer or dryer after they've finished.
Dropping shit in the toilet (that isn't your actual shit).
Walking around all day with your fly down.

Stubbing your toe on a cold day.
It's Sunday, and you want Chick-fil-A.
Stepping in gum.
The way your car gets smelly after it rains.

Walking into/through a spider web.
Album fillers.
Tripping over nothing but your own two feet.
That one old lady counting out exact change in the checkout lane.
Tool Academy