Google Has Led You Astray

The Internet is full of really weird shit, and the world is full of people who search for it.  These are just a few of the things people have searched for when they found Content Unrelated.

The last time people were misdirected to here was 8-31-10

"10 things that suck about work"
"triceratops don't exist that's what you get when you're a bitch the whole time."
"pictures of clothed vaginas"
"giving away this free childrens doll"
"said the cats, 'hey, can you take us back to that house with all the free marijuana?'"

"horse doing a lady"
"nova scotia shags birds"
"things that suck about being 18"
"burning tighty-whities"
"paid for a vagina wedgie"

Interlude 2
What (Google says) you really want to know about your significant other.

"what if i suck my man balls and get a std?"
"what is a lazy prick?"
"what does his cuddling mean?"
"has anyone written new lyrics to pina colada getting caught in the rain?"
"is cuddling with a female friend cool?"

"google is shit gives you unrelated answers"
"manly motherfucking week"
"my tighty whities are too tight"
"things that literally suck"
"im a fucking pc"

Interlude 1
Google wants you to waste more time on Google than you already do.

"how to be a lazy prick"
"confident tighty whities"
"itchy balls std"
"picture is unrelated fuck houses"
"why doesn't he talk during cuddling?"